Client Profile

Based in Atlanta, Southern Silicones (SSI) develops and manufactures a wide range of silicone-based materials for a variety of industrial applications. They specialize in foam control materials, diverse emulsion and microemulsion technologies and specialty polymers.

Project Scope

For SSI, we put together a stunning informationl site built on the open source Content Management System (CMS), Umbraco. The free licensing model and robust feature set made it a brilliant choice for the company in its infancy. Mr. Wrolson populated nearly all of his own content through the back office portal, where we provided a functional and easy-to-use control interface to maximize efficiency.

The ambient grayscale and prominent purple were designed to give class and regality to a southern-born brand. All commentary, tone and typeface were placed strategically to compliment the demeanor of the south, and we are quite pleased with the SEO performance in the first months since launch.