Client Profile

Snapastaff is based in Kennesaw GA, and is the brain child of some regular businessmen that you see everyday. Frustrated with the expensive and inefficient options for staffing their own business, they dreamed up a system that was built around user experience, and the product is what you see today. Their initial vision focused primarily on blue collar industries, but the plans to expand more into white collar and virtual verticals rests on the horizon.

Project Scope

Snapastaff is a Kentico 9 solution, with a custom purchasing engine that features Authorize.Net integration via API. The client wanted a simplistic site, reminiscent of Craigslist but with a little more flair and a lot more usability. With some light client scripts to allow for popover videos and other experience comforts, this site boasts many of our common web disciplines.

The simplicity you see on the public facing site was not accidental, nor was it easy to accomplish. It was a deliberate effort that took a number of design iterations to perfect, and the effective way that it conceals the complex inner workings is a testament to the success of the project.